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Trunking box power supply 5V 2A Mod OTQ1005Y

Product Code: OTQ1005Y / 85044082
Availability: 189
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Input voltage: 110-240 Vac
Output voltage: 5 Vdc
Nominal current: 2 A
Nominal power: 10 W
Case: OTQ
Type of product: Power supply
Type of installation: For trumking box
Type of technology: AC/DC switching
Weight: 0.08kg

Miniature Power Supply  110-240 Vac / 5 Vdc - 2 A / 10 W. Max. Height 26 mm. Manufactured in ITALY from Comatec Hi-Tech Srl.

Developed for the installation in the smallest European electrical trunking boxes, they are used in applications with a very little room, particularly in the industrial sector as well as in the Home Automation Sector and in the furnishing one. The range OTTO is made of various cases with various heights. The items are available with the output voltages of 5 to 24VDC and the power of 6 to 12W. The connections to the AC mains and to the load are made through clamps and screws.

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